FRIDAY 13TH SEATREK, FINALLY!! aka “A Day in the Life”i

Last week, I took a break! There was a LOT going on in the world.  Yes, I was despondent (sigh), but I am back with renewed vim and vitality!!! Sorta.  So, on Friday, the 13th following 9/11, I decided to walk to the Sea whether I felt like it or not.  And, I was NOT allowed to cheat.  (Cheating is taking the tram there and back. Haha).  Well, maybe I could take the tram one way, but I must walk without a cane one way.  No tram.  So, I did!!!  The good news is that walking without a cane frees one hand for my camera.  Lots of photos.  The bad news is that I often forget to take pictures.  WHAT????  How can a person forget to take a picture, especially if that is one of the  important goals, alongside no tram? Because I am focusing on walking normally (if possible), and I am still unstable some of the time (not all of the time).  So, I did the best I could.  I walked to the Sea, had breakfast, and took the tram back.  “A Day in the Life”  And, I took photos.  YES!!!    Take a look!!

I started out from my apartment, walked by the Bank and got some cash, and then took back streets for a few blocks.  En route, I passed by JP Pac’s Chocolate Shop and a Bridal Store.  PHOTO-OPS!


Before I cut over to the main drag (JEAN DE MEDICIN), I went by a bus stop (haha), the side door of Galleries Lafayette (for no good reason), plus shooting a photo of a restaurant I like (Cafe Nissa).  It is colorful.


Then, I shot a photo of a Brinks truck (hoping no one would get shot while I was taking a picture) – for no good reason other than to have a record of my being there in case……


Crossed the Place de Masséna , shot a rear-view of David (because I was in the shade)


Took a side view of the restaurant La Petite Maison, setting up for lunch ($$$)…


Walked up the hill, shot some plants (for no good reason, and VOILA!!


AND now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present THE SEA!!!  No cane.  No tram.  YES!!


OK, now for breakfast!! while passing vendors selling plants. I have a place I like (for no good reason), Milena.


After that, I wandered into Old Town (forgetting to take photos), buying a purse, a hat (both on sale), and some lavender soap.  I then got the tram and went back home – VERY PROUD OF MYELF!!  2.6 miles !!! These are a couple of additional pictures I took, for no good reason other than I liked the shots.  99DA5F62-A588-49C3-9633-A84C1E0639DAIMG-0459

The rest of the day, I did nothing except worry about the state of the world (my normal activity) along with problems to solve while trying to move to Paris and re-learning how to walk!!  I also need to get back my “photographer’s eye”.  Oops.  Actually, I had a VERY IMPORTANT topic to cover “Watch and Learn – or not”.  That will be shelved for another day, along with “Think Outside the Box” and “Expand your Universe”.

Remember this?  (singing) “So long for awhile; that’s all the songs for awhile; so long to your Hit Parade, and the tunes that you picked to be played.  So long.  (sigh)  Ah-h-h-h-, the good ole days!!!

Best, Jay  (au natural in Sons and Saveurs)


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Jay W. MacIntosh (born Janet Tallulah Jewell) is a retired attorney, actress, and writer from the United States, living in Paris, France. She is a member of the California Bar and selected to the 2018, 2019, 2020 Southern California Super Lawyers list. She holds a Master’s Degree in Drama from the University of Georgia and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Zodiac Scholastic Society. As an actress, she is a member of The Actors Studio, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS), SAG-AFTRA, and ASCAP, performing in film and television in the United States and France. Her published works include Journal of Janet Tallulah, Volume 1, Journal of Janet Tallulah, Volume 2, The Origins of George Bernard Shaw’s Life Force Philosophy, Moments in Time, Capturing Beauty, JAYSPEAK on the Côte d’Azur, and Janet Tallulah.

7 thoughts on “FRIDAY 13TH SEATREK, FINALLY!! aka “A Day in the Life”i

  1. Just reread your writing of last Friday. My daughter and 2 dogs were here over the weekend and I miss lots when they are around! It was this time that you mentioned “the problem of how to move to Paris” .

    Yes, I do remember “so long for a while …. “ A long time ago!

    Have a better week than last week. >

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  2. Good for you. You made it to the sea without cheating! I thought I remembered that a couple of weeks ago you said you’re looking for change and that wouldn’t be Paris. Now you are thinking about it again? I enjoyed the photos, especially your breakfast Looks yummy. It’s 5pm here and so maybe that’s why, Thanks for sending. >

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    1. No, re-read. I wrote I was looking for a change and it will be Paris. It has always been Paris. Even when i wanted to change our Junior Senior Banquet to a Parisien Cafe with candles and red checkered tablecloths ! And Jane Hulsey got so mad! Remember ?? I do! In the GHS gym ! She tried to grab me to take me to the principal ‘s office, and I told her to take her damn hands off of me ! I got into a lot of trouble.


  3. You look very French in this last shot! I envy your walk – Don’t worry, things are going to happen whether you worry or not, you have much to enjoy all around you and I want to see it all!

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    1. Thank you, Susan ! For all of it. Yes, you are right. I will keep posting for no good reason !!haha. I enjoy thinking out loud on paper !! And see what happens ! Thanks for all your encouragement ! A lifetime of encouragement. It is appreciated.


  4. Daughter Dawn just sent me a picture of a Galway thatch-roofed cottage. Galway! Love Galway!
    Yes! Leadership throughout many countries throughout the world is questionable. Overpopulation is a huge problem; Trump is cozying-up to that fast-food eating North Korean head-of-state, and in Covina, California, a female homeowner who has owned her idyllic home for 20 years has been surrounded by 2-3 storey apartment complexes, looming over her backyard!!! BUT….you’re moving to Paris; Sam is in Reims for a year, and life will never be boring again!!!!


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