Normal is not coming back! WHATTTTT???????? Welcome to 2022! We cannot go back to what is “normal”. It does not exist. Normal is different for each one of us. And — LIKE IT OR NOT – most of us are victims. I don’t need you to agree. BUT – Although all of us have beenContinue reading “PAYOFFS THAT MATTER”


What is on my mind this morning? WELLllllll, a lot. I have made it a resolution not to complain in JAYSPEAK and to be positive. (sigh) But that is NOT on my mind. So, I will distract us both by posting an article that was a memory on Facebook. It may or may not beContinue reading “REMEMBER WHEN……”


ALIVE!! How is that for a “lede”? Did I get your attention? If so, get a coffee. This may take a few minutes. I HAD A DREAM.  As an early age, I knew that I wanted big things for me.  What? I did not know, but it was big.  I used to dream of Europe,Continue reading “NEW YEAR / NEW LIFE”


ON MY MIND THIS WEEK, expand your UNIVERSE.   Learn something new every day, no matter how small and how insignificant it is..  We are STILL IN THE WOODS!!!! and we are going to be there from now on. Get used to it. And create your own universe. What do I mean and….. What am iContinue reading “EXPAND YOUR UNIVERSE”


This is a pitch for my book that I transcribed from the Journal that I wrote at that time in my life. It can be bought on Amazon. I tried to edit the entire book, but I cannot continue. I have had minor brain strokes and am doing the best I can. I can writeContinue reading “JOURNAL OF JANET TALLULAH”


On My Mind this 4th of December…… I am pondering how I want to justify to myself, and to you, my strong feelings about friends who are no longer “friends” and I miss them. Best friends? I thought we were. Well, we know that facts are not feelings. They don’t even « pretend « toContinue reading “DECEMBER “NO COMMENT” COMMENTARY”


This is on my mind at this beginning of December.  I want to take my time when writing this piece because it is important to me.  I begin by saying I am sorry for my choices.  But sorry is not enough.  No one ever knows the best way to be a parent.  I did not. Continue reading “DECEMBER PONDERINGS”


Today, I want to post something easy on JAYSPEAK because it has been a stressful week, and I am exhausted from the emotions that I have experienced.  I don’t want to write about all the things that have happened, so I am going to do what I do when I need a rest – postContinue reading “ROSES FOR YOU”


Some days I am filled with energy and others are very lethargic. Today is not so hot after a wonderful day yesterday. So, let’s both grab a cup of coffee. That helps to give us a break. And coffee goes with everything in Paris. This week I have been pondering a lot of things –Continue reading “FROM PARIS WITH LOVE”


Hello from Paris! Guess what? I have made the decision to stay in Paris. I will NOT be moving any time soon. Who knows about tomorrow, much less “the future”? If I have my way, I will have a wonderful future!!!! And it takes place in Paris. So, I have unpacked my bags and amContinue reading “HELLO FROM PARIS!”


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