ON MY MIND THIS MORNING (August 15, 2020)…..

“Without freedom, you have nothing left.”  (from Hong Kong.)  I quit!  “This year, “character is on the ballot.”  I agree.  “No one sees us. It is like we don’t exist.”  (from Belarus).  Bottom line, I have reached overload.  MY being “emotionally vested” has reached a saturation point.  Sorta.  But, I cannot love, care, and beContinue reading “ON MY MIND THIS MORNING (August 15, 2020)…..”


For as long as I can remember, I have thought to myself, I will figure this out! And, I would figure whatever it was – out, no matter the consequence.  I did not think there existed many situations or problems that I could not figure out some kind of solution.  Resourceful?  Maybe.  Maybe foolhardy.  MostContinue reading “PARIS BEGINNING – FIRST TEN DAYS!”


I need to rest my mind because I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Nothing is working.  Well, that’s not true.  The hotspot is working.  Otherwise I would not be able to get the internet.  But the in-house Wi-Fi is not working.  And, I don’t know how to access it.  Neither does my landlord. Continue reading “A BRIEF INTERLUDE”


It has been a long emotional month, preparing to change into a new life – AGAIN.  I felt the same way, or at least, similar, when I went away to the University of Wisconsin from Georgia; when I went away to Los Angeles, California from Georgia, when I moved to Nice, France, from California. And,Continue reading “A SHORT RAMBLING…..”

22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound

We are living in interesting times!  That is definitely one way to look at the news.  I don’t like most of what I see and hear.  AND, I am not getting my way with most things, but I will concede– the news is not boring. Alarming, yes. Boring, no. And, when I am just doingContinue reading “22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound”

“RAMBLINGS TO REV UP THE ENGINE”(wait! I don’t have a car……)

This is one of those days when I have so many topics to discuss that I am having difficulty choosing one.  Post topics come to me in the middle of the night when I have so much to discuss with all of you. Haha.  You have become very important in my life – like itContinue reading ““RAMBLINGS TO REV UP THE ENGINE”(wait! I don’t have a car……)”


          “When things get tough, the tough get going.” (- Jesse Dickson Jewell (Daddy))  “With all this s_____ , there must be a pony here somewhere” (- Janet Tallulah Jewell (me)).  “Is the glass half full or half empty?” (- I don’t remember).  My family was big on metaphors/cliches/similes, especially DaddyContinue reading “KEEP THE PONY!”


Some additional thoughts about downsizing.   I have gotten some interesting comments about getting rid of things.  But, moving will usually motivate people to get started.  I just am a drastic case.  I started with a lot, and I now have room physically for a little.  Also, I don’t have anyone who wants my stuff butContinue reading “MEMORIES REMAIN IN THE HEART”


This is one of those days when I have so many ideas for posts in my head that I don’t know where to start.  The downsizing is taking on a life of its own and really a lot of fun.  At first, I was just throwing things in the trash.  I did that until IContinue reading “NEW LIFE”

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