I am excited because all of this zooming has given me an idea.  And, today is the beginning.  This video was /is an experiment for me to work out technical difficulties with iMovie, YouTube, and WordPress.  So, I will be getting all of it better as I learn more about it.   But, here itContinue reading “EXPERIMENTS IN CREATIVITY!”


Sound familiar. August 2016.  “Over the age of 60.  Underlying health condition (heart problems.) Pneumonia in the lungs.  ICU.  Ventilator. Unexpectedly.”  That is exactly what happened to Steve 4 years ago.  Was it a virus before its time?  I will never know.  The doctors cured the pneumonia.  He died of heart failure.  It was fast. Continue reading “A CLEAN SLATE – BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS”

22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound

We are living in interesting times!  That is definitely one way to look at the news.  I don’t like most of what I see and hear.  AND, I am not getting my way with most things, but I will concede– the news is not boring. Alarming, yes. Boring, no. And, when I am just doingContinue reading “22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound”


Some additional thoughts about downsizing.   I have gotten some interesting comments about getting rid of things.  But, moving will usually motivate people to get started.  I just am a drastic case.  I started with a lot, and I now have room physically for a little.  Also, I don’t have anyone who wants my stuff butContinue reading “MEMORIES REMAIN IN THE HEART”

ANTHONY BOURDAIN (1956 – 2018)

I came upon this article in a unusual way – by way of Facebook, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep in an uncomfortable bed at my Convalescence Center after my second knee surgery on June 27th.  (The Universe is teaching me the art of patience AGAIN and AGAIN!  Patience is not myContinue reading “ANTHONY BOURDAIN (1956 – 2018)”


BACK WHEN (1978) when I was having a love affair with the theatre and acting, I saw a play at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.  It made a lasting impression on me.  I thought about it a lot yesterday. Actually, ever since then, I think of it every fifth of July – theContinue reading “THE SIXTH OF JULY! CARTOONS & NO COMMENTARY!!”


First of all, a SHOUT-OUT to all us mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!!  That said, those of you who know me, know that I have wanted to speak French since I was at the University of Wisconsin in spring of 1956, taking a class in Conversational French.  AND, if you think I am bad now,Continue reading “A COMING-OF-AGE STORY! HaHa!!”


At this time of the year, I find my soul searching for answers – something definite that I can hold onto.  And my mind works overtime, waiting for the rest of me to catch up. (sigh).  So, today – a  férié in France (holiday), I decided to write this week’s blog.  And, I am filledContinue reading “SOME PÂQUES THOUGHTS – 2019 IN NICE, FRANCE”


OK, this is more than you ever wanted to know, AND more than I ever thought I would expose.  It is true confessions combined with book promotion.  Haha.  Grab a coffee!  Here goes……  When I was in my 30’s, I moved from a relatively small southern town in Georgia to Los Angeles, California.  July 1968. Continue reading “THE JOURNALS”

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