HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, EVERYBODY!  YES, YOU TOO ALL YOU MENBOYS! This week, my brain opened the flood gates to memories, and I have had mind pictures flooding through my mind’s eye. Please take notice that there is NO PERFECT anything because we are all in process. That said, I have been the perfect mother andContinue reading “A LOVE LETTER ON USA MOTHER’S DAY ‘22”


You are what you think you are. You can do and be whatever you think you can do or you think you can be  . There are no limits except the limits you think you have . How you think creates your experiences.  Think in terms of unlimited possibilities and open your world of unlimitedContinue reading “POSSIBILITIES”


What is on my mind this morning? A short one. Welllll, during the week I examined my friends that are no longer part of my journey at this time (because of holding a grudge), and I had certain friends not like my pursuit of positivity (because I am working with brain strokes) and I foundContinue reading “MORE RANDOM RAMBLINGS”


Normal is not coming back! WHATTTTT???????? Welcome to 2022! We cannot go back to what is “normal”. It does not exist. Normal is different for each one of us. And — LIKE IT OR NOT – most of us are victims. I don’t need you to agree. BUT – Although all of us have beenContinue reading “PAYOFFS THAT MATTER”


This is on my mind at this beginning of December.  I want to take my time when writing this piece because it is important to me.  I begin by saying I am sorry for my choices.  But sorry is not enough.  No one ever knows the best way to be a parent.  I did not. Continue reading “DECEMBER PONDERINGS”

MEET LILLIAN! – Revised!

MEET LILLIAN. Who?  Why? Lillian is on my mind this week.   She was my aunt.  My mother’s sister.  I wrote about her over last weekend, but that post was too long, and Lillian “got lost in the shuffle.”  So, now, Lillian has a post of her own!  She matters because she mattered.  A woman beforeContinue reading “MEET LILLIAN! – Revised!”


Since 1993 ((age 56), I have been continually downsizing.  Lots of years spent accumulating.  Now, it is the other way around.  I have a lot of people ask me how I am doing it because they know the big houses I have had and lots of furniture and “stuff”.  Plus, I saved everything “in caseContinue reading “DOWNSIZING -26 YEARS IN THE MAKING!”


One Week from today, on August 31, 2016 (3 years ago), I lost my best friend.  His name was/is Steve Orlandella (August 11, 1950 – August 31, 2016).  Today, I plan to share some thoughts with you.  I won’t be writing about him next week.  I plan to use that day to remember.  Not write. Continue reading “MY BEST FRIEND”


Has anyone written a song about August?  At the moment, I cannot recall one.  I don’t know how I feel about August.  This is not new news.  It has never been a month that I look forward to – like June.  Or September.  Or October. Or April.  And, now, it causes me much angst.  ItContinue reading “AUGUST!!”

Wonderful Moments aka Miracles!

Today is one of those wonderful moments when the weather, the world, and the apartment are all going haywire, but that is OK!!  My son and daughter-in-law are  coming to Nice!!  He and Jean will only be here for a few days, but that is OK.  I can’t do what I used to be ableContinue reading “Wonderful Moments aka Miracles!”


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