22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound

We are living in interesting times!  That is definitely one way to look at the news.  I don’t like most of what I see and hear.  AND, I am not getting my way with most things, but I will concede– the news is not boring. Alarming, yes. Boring, no. And, when I am just doingContinue reading “22 DAYS TO GO – Paris-Bound”

“RAMBLINGS TO REV UP THE ENGINE”(wait! I don’t have a car……)

This is one of those days when I have so many topics to discuss that I am having difficulty choosing one.  Post topics come to me in the middle of the night when I have so much to discuss with all of you. Haha.  You have become very important in my life – like itContinue reading ““RAMBLINGS TO REV UP THE ENGINE”(wait! I don’t have a car……)”


Earlier in Jayspeak, I wrote about “decades” and added a photograph that was taken during the year 1937, 1947, 1957 and so forth during the years that I was born and then turned 10, 20, 30, and so forth, ending with the year that I turned 80.  Well, this is a different kind of “decade. Continue reading “HAPPY TWENTIES (2020)!”


  Last Thursday, Riviera Radio (in Monaco) reported, “The town of Cannes has announced drastic measures ahead of the bad weather forecast for the region on Friday. Meteo France has warned of another ‘Mediterranean episode’ with strong winds and heavy rain expected. The city council in Cannes has, as a precaution, closed all underground carContinue reading ““MEDITERRANEAN EPISODE” – 3.7 MILES”


Does WHAT fit?  This is about… the Operative Question for me has always been – Do I / THEY / HE / SHE / IT fit? My intuition has been one of my best friends throughout my life.  And, slowly but surely, I have begun counting on it to lead the way.  So, upon reflection,Continue reading “DOES IT FIT?”


Some additional thoughts about downsizing.   I have gotten some interesting comments about getting rid of things.  But, moving will usually motivate people to get started.  I just am a drastic case.  I started with a lot, and I now have room physically for a little.  Also, I don’t have anyone who wants my stuff butContinue reading “MEMORIES REMAIN IN THE HEART”


Paris Week!  Yes, I went to Paris on the train for six nights and seven days (two travel days).  On Monday, October 21, 2019, I got on the TGV High Speed Train to Paris at Gare Nice Ville. My tickets were First Class because I wanted all the bells and whistles that First Class provided.  IContinue reading “PARIS WEEK”


Since 1993 ((age 56), I have been continually downsizing.  Lots of years spent accumulating.  Now, it is the other way around.  I have a lot of people ask me how I am doing it because they know the big houses I have had and lots of furniture and “stuff”.  Plus, I saved everything “in caseContinue reading “DOWNSIZING -26 YEARS IN THE MAKING!”


I keep taking a step at a time and scaring myself each time.  Haha!  This week has been a “doozy” (Family expression), saying to myself, “Well, when Isis attacks Paris after the Battle of Normandy, I hope I am not shopping at Chanel that day!” I keep thinking that cooler heads will prevail. NOT.  A “friend”Continue reading “RED LETTER DAYS”


Those who know me know that I am not afraid of change.  And, of late, I have been craving change of location – namely Paris.  So as I begin the process of tackling all the matters that must be handled prior to a move, I found this post on Facebook.  It makes sense to meContinue reading “THROUGH MY EYES …..”

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