BACK WHEN (1978) when I was having a love affair with the theatre and acting, I saw a play at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.  It made a lasting impression on me.  I thought about it a lot yesterday. Actually, ever since then, I think of it every fifth of July – theContinue reading “THE SIXTH OF JULY! CARTOONS & NO COMMENTARY!!”


TAKE A BREAK!  Settle back and give your mind a rest for a few minutes from the upcoming election to read some information about STEVE ORLANDELLA.  Who?  A man I was fortunate enough to have known for 23 years and to have spent 11 years of my life as his wife.  A lot of usContinue reading “LEGACY, TWO YEARS LATER STEVE ORLANDELLA”


In the midst of all the chaos going on in the world, especially in my United States, it is good to remember constants that bring us together. Like baseball.  Apple pie.  Hot dogs. Even though baseball is in “full swing” right now, I need to post this video. It makes me feel good when theContinue reading “A BASEBALL MEMORY”


Today, I am trying to “let go”.  Don’t misunderstand, I do this every day!! It is my nature to hold on and try to control. Haha. If you don’t believe me, ask my kids.  And, when things don’t go the way I want, I try to “fix” it, and when I cannot, I get “upset”. Continue reading “A MIXED BAG”


Next week is my birthday – my annual time to take stock. Where have I been; where am I now; where am I going; what matters to me at this time in my life?  Is there a truth that fits my reality?  Aphorism of the week – “Man keeps looking for a truth that fitsContinue reading “TRUTH, OR LIE?”


Steve Orlandella loved to write. By July, 2016, he was on a roll – brimming with ideas for his blog “Stevespeak”, his next novel CASINO KILLER, A Vic Landell Mystery, and witty, satiric, sarcastic Facebook posts.  He had fun writing, then reading and re-reading what he had to say.  I think he had more funContinue reading “A PROJECT WORTH DOING”


LET’S DO IT! HERE’S TO 2018!!     New Year Resolutions!!   Best, Jay  


From one #SmartAuthor to others, I continue to be ‘berry beezy’ in France, figuring things out. It is not easy, being an expat. Each day is full of its own challenges in real life and online. Nothing is as it seems – like opening a door, flushing the john, turning on water, working an elevator,Continue reading “#SmartAuthor “FIGURING THINGS OUT””


How ’bout them Dodgers!! YES!  Here’s to the Dodgers! MY baseball team. OUR baseball team. Win or lose, Dodger Blue forever!!  OK, we all know that Steve was a member of the Red Sox Nation, but he had a LOT of room in his heart for the Dodgers.  Joe Quasarano, “Vinny” Scully, Elaina Habeeb Fote,Continue reading “DODGER BASEBALL AND STEVE ORLANDELLA”

“THE GAME” By Steve Orlandella

This week has been a rough one.  But, that holds true most weeks these days. On the news, on Facebook, on Twitter, everybody rants, typing in all caps.  Give it a rest every now and then.  Watch a game of baseball.  That worked for my husband, Steve Orlandella.  He would get upset about whatever. But,Continue reading ““THE GAME” By Steve Orlandella”

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